Dunkin' Donuts Rant Video Goes Viral: Profanity-Laden Tirade Stuns Viewers (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)A customer hands over money for a purchase in Dunkin' Donuts in this file photo.

A Dunkin' Donuts rant video has gone viral on the Internet with a customer relentlessly lashing out at a worker at the shop.

The extraordinary rant has been seen by thousands on the Internet now, and has led to many praising the Dunkin' Donuts worker who bore the brunt of the profanity-laden rant.

The incident took place at a Dunkin Donuts outlet in Florida when an upset woman vented her anger after not being given a receipt for a previous order.

The coffee-donut shop worker, who has been identified as Abid Adar, according to The Smoking Gun, was forced to endure a tirade that lasted in excess of eight minutes.

The woman, who rants among other things that the worker was "rude to her," said, "This girl was so [expletive] rude to me. She told me I could get my order free next time. You know what I told her? I said, 'I want the whole [expletive] menu, [expletive].' Call your owner and manager because a guarantee is a guarantee."

Adar tries to satisfy the woman by offering to give her order for free, but the woman relentlessly continues her tirade, saying numerous times that she would post the recording on the Internet.

She said, "I can't wait to post this on Facebook. This is what you have to do in life. It [expletive] sucks. Blow my brains out."

Towards the end of the video the woman also calls out at the worker using a racial slur, which has sparked a strong backlash from those who have seen the video.

Within just days of the video being posted online it received more than half a million views.

Dunkin Donuts has responded to the viral video, saying that the company plans to recognize Adar for handling "the difficult situation with grace and patience."

Here is a video of the incident - WARNING - Very strong language used, please do NOT watch if you are likely to be offended by profanity and strong language: