Dust Storm in Arizona Desert Causes Multiple Pile-Ups at Major Interstate

Drivers in Arizona have been blinded by a dust storm last night. Dozens of vehicles have been involved in three accidents on Interstate 10, with one man killed and at least 15 injured.

A dust storm covered the major road between Phoenix and Tucson just after midday yesterday, causing the first two accidents. Sixteen cars were involved, with a 70-year-old man being fatally injured.

Patrick Calhoun, one of the first rescuers to the scene, told AP that “It looked like a war zone.”

He continued: “This has been one of the worst pileups we’ve had on the I-10.”

The man who died was in the passenger seat in a car driven by his wife. The car crashed into the back of a semi and was stuck beneath it, killing the man instantly.

The third pile up came just two hours later, injuring two people. Three people are in critical condition at University Medical Center in Tucson as a result of the collisions.

Dry and windy conditions can cause dust storms, which are common in Arizona deserts. The dust can cover an area in just a few seconds and can impale visibility.