Dustin Zito Arrested, Pepper Sprayed; 'Real World' Actor Charged With Sexual Battery

Dustin Zito was arrested for allegedly sexually harassing a girl Saturday night, but the "Real World" actor's night only got worse from there. He was also pepper-sprayed during the incident for attempting to resist arrest.

Dustin Zito, who is widely known for his time on MTV's "The Real World: Las Vegas" during the 2011 season, was apparently at a bar in Lafeyette, La. when the incident occurred. Zito was intoxicated and allegedly reached up the skirt of a woman at the establishment and attempted to grab her inappropriately, according to TMZ.

The victim immediately informed police officers who were also downtown, and they headed to the bar to investigate the disturbance. When they found Zito outside the bar, he resisted arrest, so officers pepper-sprayed him to get him to comply. Afterwards he was taken into custody at Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

Zito was charged with sexual battery, resisting an officer violently, disturbing the peace by intoxication and remaining after being forbidden, according to KATC reports. He also listed his home address as being in New Orleans.

The "Real World" cast member remains in jail and his court date is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16.

Zito was recently on television for "Couples Therapy" on VH1 alongside his current girlfriend Heather Marter.

This isn't the first time the actor has gotten in trouble for perversion. In 2011, it was revealed that he participated in homosexual pornography videos- something he now regrets.

"It was a job for me, that's strictly a job," he said on "The Real World" in 2011, explaining how he lost direction after high school. "For me, it's such a big deal for me to be judged; I'm scared at this point to open up."