Dwight Howard Refuses to Watch NBA Finals 2013

Dwight Howard, the 27-year-old NBA center who is a free agent after this season, refuses to watch the NBA finals.

Howard was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills, Calif. restaurant during game six of the NBA finals. However, sources reportedly told TMZ that he was nowhere near the television sets in the eatery.

The center who is coming off of a tough season with the Los Angeles Lakers revealed his reasons for refusing to watch the championship game for his professional sport.

"I'm not watching...I'm not playing so ain't no need to be [watching]," Howard told TMZ after game six. "I don't want to see nobody win a championship."

Howard ended his 2012-2013 season by getting ejected in a crucial game during the first round of the playoffs. Many Lakers fans looked to blame Howard for the team's lost playoff hopes after they were swept in the first round, which eventually caused him to apologize on Twitter.

"I'm sorry for letting my team and our fans down when ... they needed me the most," Howard tweeted. "If there's one thing I've learned this year its that I need to be more responsible for my actions and learn to ... 'breathe'!"

Howard admitted that he lost his cool, and called his time with the Lakers a nightmare after being picked up for the 2012-2013 season.

"It's like a nightmare, it's like a bad dream and we couldn't wake up out of it," Howard told ESPN at the close of the season. "That's what it felt like. It seemed like nothing could go right from the start, injuries and all that stuff, but we can get an opportunity to get some rest for guys who are injured, coming off injuries. A chance to rehab and think about what we can all do to better ourselves."