Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife Alleges NBA Star Abused Her While Pregnant

Dwyane Wade may be coming off of the heels of winning an NBA championship, but his ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade is alleging that the man who she began dating at 15 years old abused her while she was pregnant with their child.

Siohvaughn recently spoke on "Real Talk With Kietta" in her hometown of Chicago, Ill., where she spoke about offering her ex-husband a place to escape his abusive past at 16 years old.

However, after she suspected that he was not being faithful to her, Siohvaghn alleged that Wade turned violent.

"I was pregnant with Zion. Shortly before being hospitalized I was in Florida and I woke up in the middle of the night because I was sick, obviously with the pregnancy," Siohvaughn said in the in-depth interview. "I noticed that Mr. Wade wasn't in the house. I was calling him and calling him because it was probably like, two or three o' clock in the morning and we went to bed together which means he must have gotten up out of the bed and just left in the middle of the night without telling me."

The former wife of the NBA star said that after looking for him and calling his phone, Wade returned to their home.

"He finally got back several hours later, it was well into the next day and I was very upset. I was asking where was he and why he [would] just leave without saying anything," she said.

"His response was at first to be verbally abusive. He was cursing, he was calling me names, he was telling me to shut the 'f' up.[...]"

However, the former Mrs. Wade said things took a violent turn shortly after.

"He picked me up and held me over his head literally in mid-air and threw me down in our bathroom. We had an ottoman in the bathroom and he slammed me down so hard that when my back hit the otooman it broke into four pieces and my back and head hit the concrete, the marble floor, excuse me, in the bathroom," the woman alleged.

"After that I got up and immediately went -- there's a cordless phone in the bathroom, I immediately went to that phone and I was crying, I was hysterical, I went to go call the police. At that point more hell broke lose because I suppose he was in fear of being exposed because I certainly was going to call the police."

Instead, Wade allegedly broke the telephone, according to Siohvaughn's account of the story.

"I picked up the cordless phone, he snatched it out of my hand and he threw the cordless phone against my body so hard that the phone literally broke into pieces," she said.

Despite, Siohvaughn's story, Wade won full custody of their two children in 2011. In a piece that he wrote for BusinessWeek recently, he said that he didn't believe in speaking negatively about his ex-wife in court.

"I went in hoping the judge would see what was best for the kids. I didn't go in there knockin' their mother and saying, She's a terrible mother," he said. "I just said, At this time I believe that what's best for our kids is for them to be living under my roof."

The basketball said more than all of the drama, his two sons are the most important thing to him.

"The rest of it came in what she threw at me. I stuck to my principles of what I believe is the most important," Wade said in the BusinessWeek report. "And it was those two kids. My divorce went on for about four years, and my custody battle went on for three. Something dramatic needs to happen for some guys to say, 'I need to stop this.' My divorce was that moment for me."