Dwyane Wade's Tight Pants: 'Painted On,' Says LeBron James (PHOTO)

Dwyane Wade is taking fashion to a new level according to one of his teammates, who accused the Miami heat star of "painting" on his pants.

During what appears to be a bus ride on Tuesday to their next game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat player Dwyane Wayne was photographed showing off his style. The picture was taken by fellow teammate LeBron James, who suggested that Wade was taking fashion up a notch.

"My boi taking fashion to a whole new level," James wrote in the caption of the photo, which was uploaded to Instagram.

James decided that the tag for the picture would be "Chinese print" and "painted on" in reference to how tight the pants look on the 6'4" player.

"Mannn," one user wrote on James' Instagram, in response to the photo. "Lebron hit me up I gotta hook dWade up wit my Stylist. Lol. Mamba out."

The ankle level pants were also paired with what users called some questionable shoes.

"Wade what kind of weird shoes are you wearing?" a second user prompted.

The question of whether or not Wade would play Wednesday night against the L.A. Clippers was a game time call after he endured a left foot injury on Monday. But even with Wade in the game, the Clippers won 107-100.

Eric Bledsoe hit Wade, one of the best shot blocking guards, with a taste of his own medicine in the second quarter of the game. While going up for a slam-dunk, Bledsoe succeeded in stuffing Wade before he was able to complete the shot.

And despite possible chemistry on the bus, Wade failed to meet James where he needed him. Wade had a difficult game and shot a measly 2-of-10 for only six points during the game.