Dying Man's Wish to Leave $500 Tip Sparks Wave of Generosity and Giving

A dying man's wish to leave a $500 tip for an unsuspecting waitress to simply surprise them and make them happy has sparked a flood of generosity. The man's touching request was fulfilled following his death, when the family of Aaron Collins went out and left a $500 tip for a waitress.

Aaron Collins, from Lexington, had left the request to leave a massive tip in his will with a heart to surprise another person and bring them some random happiness.

The will request was fulfilled earlier this week to a hard working waitress at Puccini's Smiling Teeth three days after Collins, 30, suddenly passed away.

Aaron Collins unfortunately passed away without much money to his name, and so when his brother Seth learned of his dying wish he moved to raise the funds to fulfill his brother's will request.

Seth set up a website to raise the money – http://aaroncollins.org

Friends and family were notified of the website and rallied together to ensure that the money was raised in just one day.

When the $500 mark had been reached, Seth and his family went to eat at a local restaurant and make the pay-it-forward gesture. The $500 tip was left to an anonymous waitress, who obviously was overjoyed and stunned.

However, Aaron Collins' idea of generosity has not ended there. The fundraising website that his brother Seth set up has continued to raise money, and the fund now stands at an astonishing $17,000. The man's family is now looking to continue Aaron's pay it forward legacy even further and for every $500 raised will make another generous tip to an unsuspecting waitress.

So far that's 34 waitresses in for a wonderful surprise, and likely many more after that as the story gains more publicity.