Dying Pastor Gives Inspiring Message About Life: 'Don't Feel Overwhelmed By the Struggles You Face Each Day'

(Photo: Vimeo Screenshot/Flannel Staff)

Ed is a loving pastor who enjoys what he does, whether the person he is ministering to is feeling down or needs a sense of hope. He loves Christmas time because of all the joy with family and friends it brings. One year, he was told he contracted Lou Gerighs disease and he thought it would be his last Christmas together with his family. There is no cure for this disease and he was given a short time to live by his doctors.

After spending some time at home he decided to go out and express his feelings to others. He received a call from a friend of his, who had a drug problem in the past. This friend had also contracted terrible infections and HIV because of an addiction to heroin. But when he delivered a message of hope to Ed, which he believes is a message from God, he tells him that his life isn't over yet and that we don't have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we face each day.

Difficult news can sometimes make us feel like our lives are over, but Ed shows us that we never know what our future has in store for us, and that things can turn out differently than we expected.