Eagle Snatches Crocodile, Instance is 'Unheard Of,' Says Expert (PHOTO,VIDEO)

A baby crocodile made the mistake of underestimating his competition and instead of gathering breakfast, he became breakfast.

Nile crocodiles can grow to be up 18 feet long. One of the world's biggest ever crocodiles grew to be over 24 feet long. Known to be dangerous predators, some of their meals have included animals as large as a hippopotamus or giraffe; some have included a human.

But that doesn't say much for a baby crocodile. Measly by comparison, a baby crocodile looks more like an overgrown lizard than anything else. However, one baby crocodile seemed to have forgotten this fact when searching for his daily grub. A photo of the crocodile, captured during his morning hunt, reveals him on the ground surface with what appears to be a fish in his mouth.

The eagle appears to go in for the fish, but the relentless crocodile will not surrender his meal. He decides instead to make a run for it. But the eagle is fast and grabs hold of the fish, crocodile still attached. As the eagle flies away, the gator shows no intention of letting go. The incident is an unusual one, according to the safari guide who is credited with snapping the shot.

Mark Sheridan-Johnson, 32, was raised in Tanzania. If his lifetime, he says that he has never seen an eagle go after a crocodile, regardless of its size.

"In nine years of being a safari guide I would never expect to see this. It's unheard of," he stated according to The Sun U.K.

But Johnson guessed that this is not the first time that the eagles has tried to play this trick.

"I think this eagle could be a lone individual who has learnt how to hunt for crocodiles," Johnson speculated. "It certainly knew what it was doing."

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