Earthquake Today in Mexico City: 5.5 Quake Sparks Panic as Buildings Sway in Capital City

Mexico City has been hit by an earthquake on Tuesday, sparking panic in the capital city as thousands were seen running into the streets as buildings swayed back and forth.

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(Photo: Reuters/David Moir)A seismologist poses for the media as he points to a seismographic graph in this 2011 file photo.

The earthquake was reportedly a magnitude 5.5 quake and hit at about 7.04 a.m. local time (9.04 a.m. ET), according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake was centered about 10 miles (17 kilometers) west-southwest of Pinotepa Nacional on the Pacific Coast and 227 miles (365 kilometers) south-southeast of Mexico City.

Despite the strong quake there were no immediate reports of building damage or deaths, although eye witnesses described the fear as buildings visibly swayed during the quake.

The Mexico Seismology Service initially reported that the quake's magnitude was 5.9. it also reported that a second quake hit the region just a few minutes after the first.

Mexico City Mayor Manuel Mancera has sent a message via social media site, Twitter, reporting that no damage was reported.

In addition, local news media also have stated that there were no reports of damage close to Pinotepa Nacional.