East Coast Storm Expected to Yield 12 Inches of Snow by Tuesday

The National Weather Service predicted continued snowfall in the Northeast through midday Monday, with snow expected to hit West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and upstate New York. Twelve inches of snow is expected to fall by the end of Monday, the National Weather Service predicted.

By mid-afternoon Monday, a foot of snow was reported at Laurel Summit in southwestern Pennsylvania, and eight inches of snow was reported in Somerset, Pa.

Such a late snow proves dangerous to fresh Spring crops. Photos circulating the web show snow coating apple blossoms in Pennsylvania.

By early Monday morning, 10 inches of snow had already fallen in Newfield, N.Y., located near Ithaca, and five inches of snow had fallen in Boswell, Pa., according to MSN.com.

The National Weather Service also issued a warning of three to seven inches of snow for Northeast Ohio.

"Low pressure will intensify as it moves up the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina later Sunday into the interior Northeast Monday," Jonathan Erdman, a senior meteorologist with weather.com, told MSN.

"In concert with this surface low, a powerful dip in the jet stream and just enough cold air near the surface will team up to produce heavy, wet snow. The areas of concern are western New York, western Pennsylvania, extreme eastern Ohio, parts of northern West Virginia and extreme western Maryland," he added.

The snow that swept upstate New York and Pennsylvania on Sunday night caused 75,000 customers to lose electrical power. According to MSN, the freshly-sprouted leaves on trees caught much of the falling snow, causing them to get weighed down and break onto power lines.

Meteorologist Kevin Fitzgerald of the National Weather Service told The Associated Press this storm "[is] unusual, but not unheard of."

The coastal storm is expected to wash the New Jersey Shore, New York City and Southern New England with four inches of rain Monday, according to MSN.

The storm is expected to clear out by Tuesday.