East River Monster Creates Conspiracy Theories

There is a new mystery creature from the East River that washed ashore on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge that was photographed by a curious passerby who just happened to spot the unidentified creature.

"We were walking on the esplanade along the East River beneath the FDR. We found the dead creature lying on the strip of sand beside the East River, on the Manhattan side, directly beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. It looked like the tide probably washed the carcass up there along with some driftwood," Denise Ginley told ABC.

"I saw those big teeth it has big teeth with bone exposed where it's top jaw should be, is just bone, like teeth are missing … We were like, 'Is that someone's pet dog that fell in the river?' We looked more closely, and we were like, 'that's not a dog,'" Ginley added.

Ginley was able to find the courage to jump over the railing and get up close and personal to snap a few pictures to prove to any doubters that she was seen a "monster."

She also described the creature as having grey skin, but it was also blue or green in some areas and other parts were red, perhaps from being in the water for an extended period of time. It was also described as having a raccoon face and the body was bloated, but that it did not smell.

But animal experts seem to have a more realistic theory of what the creature actually is.

The best guess looking at body conformation is this was likely a small dog that drowned and has been floating in the river for quite a while. It is obviously bloated, and all the hair has slipped off the carcass

"The teeth in this case look more dog-like than raccoon-like to me," Paul Curtis, an animal expert, told Gothamist.com.