Eastertide, Period After Easter: What Christians Are To Do Now That Holy Week Is Over


Another Resurrection Sunday just passed us by and once again. But now that Holy Week is over and Easter has come and gone, Christians are once again going back to their day to day lives. Not that there's anything wrong with living, but is the message of Easter really something that we are to reflect upon once a year?

It's amazing how after thirteen years of being in ministry, it's hard to miss the sudden spike of Church attendance when Easter comes only to see it go back to normal a week after. This behavior could tell us a lot. Once I saw a post on social media saying that the church should be thankful that He still shows up once or twice a year. Better than not showing up at all, right?

Well in essence, that's true. But it's sad to think how many people think that it's to God's highest benefit that we go to church, serve Him and so on. It's like God owes us something. But if there's anything the resurrection teaches us is that while God owed us nothing except death and eternal separation from Him, He graciously still gave us a way to life and life to the full through Christ (John 10:10).

How do we live now that Holy Week is over? The answer is simple. Not easy, but simple. It's to continue to live the Easter message, not just once a year, but three hundred and sixty four and a quarter more. It's not to God's benefit that we do this. It's actually to ours.

A friend pastor of mine once said this: that the cross is the solution not just to our salvation problems, but to every single problem. Many people live through life wondering when and where they'll find the solutions to the challenges they face today- sicknesses, debts, relational hurts, heart issues, vices, addictions and bouts with emptiness. The solution to all of this is found in nowhere else except the finish work of Christ.

Isaiah 53:5 tells us, "But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed."

The cross and the empty tomb offer us so much benefits and promise, but it's so funny how we (even I fall in this trap sometimes) choose to abandon its promise. Whether out of ignorance or fear that it just might turn up to be inadequate, we abandon the Easter message and seek an alternative.

But the Bible is clear that there is no other alternative. The message of Easter is the message of a Person who is the way, the truth and the life. The message of Easter is Christ, whom we can run to when we are burdened and weary (Matthew 11:28) and when we rejoice in the Lord.

Easter's message is not something we return to once, twice or even thrice a year. It's one we go back to daily and even in every single moment of life. Do you carry the Easter message with you today? What can you do to keep the message of Christ embedded in your hearts even after Holy Week passes?