Eastwood on Gay Marriage: 'Leave Everybody Alone,' Film Director Explains to Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

Clint Eastwood has offered an explanation for his speech at the Republican National Convention where he addressed an imaginary President Barack Obama in a an empty chair. The Hollywood actor spoke out during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Despite criticism for the unique speech, on the show Eastwood reflected that a number of his views are more liberal than anything else.

The first question on the table however, was why the famed director had decided to talk to an empty chair.

"It was an interesting reaction actually. The Democrats who were watching said they thought I was going senile, and the Republicans knew I was," Eastwood said on the show. "I was actually just trying to enjoy myself along the way."

When asked about having liberal values, Eastwood clarified his political stance.

"Libertarian values, that's where Republicans used to be when they were saving money and everything."

He also explained what it meant to be a libertarian.

"You leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility, and you believe in the government staying out of your life," he said.

Now however, Eastwood isn't really satisfied with either side of politics and explained that both parties in the last few years had been acting like "drunken sailors."

When asked about his stance on gay marriage, Eastwood affirmed that he believed that people should "leave everybody alone" adding that there ought to be more important things to think about.

"The condition of society right now with the high unemployment rates, and the tremendous debt increasing, and the government spending, you'd think there'd be a lot to think about, except worrying about what gay marriage is about,"

Although Eastwood's family has now become a part of a reality show the director has said that his only request was for them "to leave me out of it."

"They snuck me in a couple of times, but I've since learned to run faster."