Eddie Murphy 'A Thousand Words' Ripped Apart by Critics

Eddie Murphy's comedy comeback film "A Thousand Words" has received severe criticism following its premiere Friday.

Audience members who viewed the film gave it a score of zero according to RottenTomatoes.com, making it one of the worst reviewed films in the site's history.

"A Thousand Words" was "a tired, formulaic comedy" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Also, on social media sites, viewers are urging friends not to go see "A Thousand Words."

"Removing Eddie Murphy's ability to talk is a stupid idea," wrote one Twitter user.

Ike joked, "If we catch the 4:00 'John Carter' we can still see a 7:30 'A Thousand Words' - someone who is going to kill themselves."

"I have NEVER seen a movie get a rotten tomato review of 0," wrote Questlove.

Jeanise posted on Twitter, "Only see this because my nephew begged me to…"

"A Thousand Words" was intended to be an inspirational film as well as a comedy, according to The Globe and Mail.

The film was made four years ago but its release was delayed by many obstacles in Murphy's life. The "Beverly Hills Cop" star only promoted the film minimally, but DreamWorks production studio targeted female and African American filmgoers with ads.

Kerry Washington plays Murphy's wife in "A Thousand Words" which follows a man who realizes that every time he speaks, leaves fall off of a tree in his yard. Murphy's character learns that after 1,000 words, the tree will be bare and he will die.

The Brian Robbins-directed film was estimated to have cost $40 million to produce, according to a spokeswoman at Paramount Studios. Its opening weekend is expected to earn less than $10 million at the box office, and the terrible reviews on opening will do nothing to help it pick up moviegoers in the coming weeks.