Egypt Activist Says Christians, Religious Minorities are the Main Target of Islamist Terror Groups

A prominent Egyptian political activist has said Copts in the region surrounding Delga village, Deir Mawas, Minya in northern Egypt were greatly encouraged when army and police forces came to their aid and arrested Islamist terrorist elements in the area.

Hamdi el-Assiouty added that extremists and terrorism activities in general were dealt a "major blow" in Upper Egypt where Copts are a main target for Islamic groups.

"The terrorist hotbed that existed in Delga was a group of organized terrorists armed with various and dangerous weapons, and the storming by security forces came after plans, studies and inquiries," Assiouty told Mideast Christian News.

Assiouty urged officials to activate the penal code and emergency law, as well as initiate a firm response to terrorists who are targeting Muslim and Christian citizens.

Copts in the village of Delga have been blockaded in by Islamists, who harass them, attack their homes and businesses and force them to pay "Jiziya," a religious extortion tax. Several homes and churches have also been looted and burned.

This has resulted in the emigration of more than half of Delga Copts to other cities and villages since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi and the breakup of the Brotherhood sit-ins in Rabaa Adaweya Square in Cairo and Nahda Square in Giza on August 14.