Egypt Constitutional Committee Suggests Abolishing Religious Political Parties

Several members of the Egyptian constitutional committee have called for the explicit prohibition of the establishment of religious political parties to be included in the new Egypt Constitution. The recommendation came during a session held in order to ensure equality among all citizens.

Mohamed Abul Ghar, civil currents representative at the committee, demanded the new constitution should ensure complete equality for all peoples of Egypt regardless of background, sex, and faith.

He also called for the strengthening of civil society so it would be able to stand in the face of any threat to equality and peace.

Ambassador Mervat El-Tallawi, NCW's representative, stressed the need to prohibit the establishment of parties based on religion, as well as calling for at least 30 percent of political seats being reserved for women.

Youth representative Mohamed Abdel Aziz endorsed the need to emphasize banning religious parties, stating that all Egyptians want the country to be a modern civil state.

He called for legislation to ensure non-discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, or sex.

Nasser Amin, the National Council for Human Rights' representative, also stressed the need for the constitution to provide the right of freedom of belief.

Finally, Mona Zulfikar, National Council for Human Rights' representative, stated the need to banish all sources of sedition, such as article 219, and the utilization of places of worship for political purposes, and focus on freedoms.