Elderly Man Said God Helped Him Rescue Wife After Car Crash

An 85-year-old man said he heard God's voice when trying to save his wife and friend after the they were in a car accident in North Carolina last weekend.

Frank Hall told WYFF News he lost control of his vehicle on Saturday with his wife, Margie Lou Hall, 76, and friend Janis Kinard, 62, in the car.

The car rolled down a steep mountainside multiple times breaking all the windows of the Subaru. Hall said his wife and friend were trapped inside the vehicle.

Hall climbed out the driver's side window, but did not have cell phone service. He found a stick with sharp ends that served as a walking stick to aid him in his arduous, hour-long climb the embankment.

When he reached the road, Hall tried to stop passing vehicles and one finally halted. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident while his wife roamed the mountain for cell phone service.

A crew arrived at the scene to free Hall’s spouse and Kinard from the car.

Hall said authorities could not believe that he had climbed the mountain, but Hall said he heard God's voice while trying to make his way up the mountainside.

"I said Lord, what in the world am I gonna do?" said Hall to WYFF.

"I just think that God was watching over us," he added.

The Hall and his companions were shopping and sightseeing that day and were making their way home at 5 p.m when the car accident occurred.

Hall said he felt sore but did not sustain any major injuries. Margie Lou Hall and Janis Kinard were admitted to the hospital with minor injuries but were later released; all three Greenville County residents are expected to be fine.