'Eleanor' Mustang Sold for $1 Million at Auction, Car Featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'

A 1967 Ford Mustang known as "Eleanor," which was featured being driven by Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie in "Gone in Sixty Seconds," was sold last week at auction for more than $1 million.

Reports indicate that the Eleanor Mustang was sold during the Dana Mecum 26th Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis. No details were revealed about the buyer, but the sale included the car's authenticity certificate along with a special plaque featuring the vehicle's VIN.

Eleanor was the top car driven by Cage during one of the final scenes of the movie, but according to Fox News, 11 of the cars were made for use in the film, but only three of cars were working models.

The movie description lists the car as an original 1967 Shelby GT500, regarded by car enthusiasts as the most popular high-performance production vehicles ever made by the Ford Motor Company.

However, the Mustang used in the movie was actually a 1967 Mustang fastback, according to Motor Authority. The car's exterior design included iconic Shelby GT500 features such as centrally mounted driving lights, pumped fender flares and a unique hood and trunk.

The car was custom-built by Cinema Vehicle Services with the help of legendary coachbuilder Chip Foose. Despite not being an original Shelby GT500, Eleanor came equipped with a 351 cubic inch Ford V8 engine which can produce north of 400 horsepower.

Other features of the car include a four-speed manual transmission, lowered suspension with coilovers, 17-inch wheels shod with Goodyear F1 tires and a non-functional nitrous kit.

The car sold at auction was that last functioning model as the other two vehicles were destroyed during the filming process. Eleanor was used as a primary "beauty" car for close-ups and promotional efforts, but did make it on-screen as a working model.