Electoral College Map: Latest Polls Indicate 8 Swing States to Decide Election - Florida, Ohio, Virginia (2012)

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(Photo: REUTERS/Jim Young)U.S. Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, November 5, 2012.

All eyes are shifting to the Electoral College Map just a day before the Presidential Election 2012, with the latest Presidential polls so close that the outcome is still too close to call.

Republican Mitt Romney has led a majority of nationwide polls over the weeks coming up to election day, however, President Barack Obama has edged the polls in a number of key swing states. Although the nationwide popular vote is intriguing and often a clear indication of who will win the election, this year is so close that the only real thing that matters is who crosses the line of 270 Electoral College Votes first.

The Rasmussen Reports nationwide poll for Nov. 5 shows Romney with a slender 1 percentage point lead over Obama, with 49 percent compared to 48 percent.

However, the Rasmussen Reports Electoral College Map Projections indicate that Obama is certain of taking 237 Electoral College Votes, where as Romney only has 206 guaranteed. That means eight states worth 95 Electoral College Votes will decide who enters the White House after Tuesday's election results are announced.

The eight key states, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports polls, are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin.

The latest polls have also shown that Obama is leading among those who have already cast their vote, however, Romney leads among those labeled as likely to vote.

It has also been claimed that 39 percent of voters are Democrat, where as just 37 percent are Republican. Both candidates are thought to likely to attract almost all votes from their own party affiliates, however, interestingly among "unaffiliated" voters Romney has a 9 percent advantage over the president.

Meanwhile an ABC News/Washington Post presidential tracking poll has indicated a tie. Obama and Romney both managed to claim 48 percent of that poll which was conducted nationally. Again undecideds were very low, with voters who supported neither main candidate making up just 1 percent, and voters who had "no opinion" at just 2 percent. That poll was released on Nov. 3.

Another tie was revealed by the Politico/George Washington University/Battleground poll, which was also conducted nationally. Both Obama and Romney were again awarded 48 percent of voters. That poll was released Sunday Nov. 4.

Another nationwide poll is the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which showed Obama ahead by a single percentage point, with 48 percent of the vote compared to Romney's 47 percent. This poll was also released Sunday Nov. 4.

Meanwhile a number of swing state polls have shown an extraordinarily close race. A Columbus Dispatch presidential poll for Ohio has shown Obama leading by 2 percentage points, with 50 percent compared to Romney's 48 percent. That poll was released on Sunday Nov. 4. In comparison a Rasmussen Reports poll for Ohio, released just two days ago, had a statistical tie between Obama and Romney with 49 percent each.

In yet another poll by Baydoun/Foster for the state of Michigan, Romney was shown to lead by 0.62 of a percentage point. That poll marked Obama with 46.24 percent and Romney with 46.86 percent. That poll again was released on Sunday Nov. 4.

Finally a WMUR/University of New Hampshire poll for the state of New Hampshire has also indicated the two candidates are tied. Both Obama and Romney claimed 48 percent with 3 percent undecided. That poll was released yesterday Nov. 3.