'Elementary' Season 6 Midseason Premiere Date Revealed

(Photo: Facebook/ElementaryCBS)Promotional image for "Elementary."

CBS has finally revealed the midseason premiere date for "Elementary."

The modern Sherlock Holmes drama will officially return for its sixth season this April, according to reports. Alongside "Elementary," CBS also announced the release date for hit medical drama "Code Black" season 3.

The series, starring Jonny Lee Miller as Det. Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, offers a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes novels. It will take over the "Scorpion" time slot once the series concludes its current installment.

In the show's fifth season, viewers were surprised when a plot twist revealed that the storied detective was hallucinating conversations with his mother, who had already passed on. Sherlock was taken in to have a brain scan, while Joan was shocked when she learned about the damage he caused in the brownstone.

As previously reported, "Elementary" will have more episodes this season. Eight additional episodes for season 6 of the crime procedural has been ordered by CBS in November, bringing the total to 21 episodes. Although the current installment has been expanded, it still holds the spot as the shortest season for the series so far since the first five seasons all had 24 episodes.

Further details about the back half of season 6 have yet to be revealed. However, executive producer Rob Doherty has teased that Sherlock's health will play a huge part in the entire installment.

"It's going to create some problems, both personal and professional," he revealed. "For starters, Sherlock made a mistake when he decided to keep his condition from Joan. He'll have a lot to explain and a lot to make up for ... He'll to have to commit himself to his health and to his partnership in ways that will be very challenging to him," he went on to say.

"Elementary" season 6 returns with new episodes on Monday, April 30, at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.