Elin Nordegren Mansion Boasts Swedish Flag

Elin Nordegren's new mansion is still being built, but her Swedish pride has already been established with a flag placed on top of the abode.

Using the money that she earned following her divorce from pro golf player Tiger Woods, Nordegren has been busy rebuilding her life. She has started in the more literal sense of things by buying a $12 million beachfront home in Florida.

Just after purchasing the mansion, Nordegren had the mansion demolished and is now in the process of building a new home on the land. New aerial photos of the home have revealed that the mansion will have at least three floors. It also appears to have two built in chimneys and at the top of one, a Swedish flag has been set into the concrete.

Nordegren was born in Stockholm, where her mother is the former Swedish migration and asylum policy minister, and the current Governor of Gävleborg County. Nordegren met Woods in 2001 while serving as a nanny in the United States. Her marriage to Woods began to fall apart in December of 2009 revealed that the pro-golf player had engaged in multiple affairs. She has two children with Woods.

After the divorce, Nordegren was awarded nearly $100 million, according to TMZ. The Daily Mail added that the "ultra-modern, 21,000 square-foot house will include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, waterfalls, Koi pond, spa, gym, wine room and movie theater."

Currently, Nordegren is staying at a home 30 miles away, according to Daily Mail. It was intended as a family home for the couple's two children before the 2010 divorce.

Nordegren has been criticized for knocking down the old mansion. Tiger Woods fans also argued that the former model is undeserving of such a large settlement despite the player's multiple affairs.