Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving 'The View' for 'Fox & Friends': Fans Not Surprised

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving "The View" after a decade co-hosting the daytime program and opting for another daytime show- "Fox and Friends," which runs for three hours in the morning. Wednesday will be the last time the conservative-minded mom will appear on "The View," and many fans are not surprised that she is making the jump to Fox News Channel.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was confirmed to be leaving "The View" by an announcement by Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Tuesday night, who welcomed her to the network. She will replace Gretchen Carlson, who is getting her own one-hour program, and joining co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

"Elisabeth's warm and engaging personality made her a star on 'The View,'" Ailes said. "She has proven to be an excellent conversationalist, and I am certain she will make a great addition to our already successful morning franchise."

In March, rumors sprang up that Hasselbeck was being fired because of her conservative views- other "View" co-hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd are staunchly liberal- but Walters denied it.

"There is a particularly false story that keeps getting picked up about Elisabeth's alleged departure, saying that we don't approve of her conservative views," Walters said at the time. "The truth is, we love Elisabeth … We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show."

Now, however, ABC acknowledged Hasselbeck's common-sense stance and wished her the best.

"For a decade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has brought her passion and strong beliefs to "The View,'" ABC said in a statement Tuesday. "She stood behind her political views, even if they were not the most popular opinions at the table, never shying away from voicing a difficult question. We thank Elisabeth and wish her luck as she begins this new chapter of her career."

Walters also wished her "everything good" in her move to Fox, and many fans were not surprised at the jump to conservative media.

"This has got to be the least surprising thing I've ever read," Margaretpoa wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

"This is a move that should have surprised no one," LightShadow62 agreed, with other users saying the conservative, more relaxed style of "Fox and Friends" would most likely suit her.