'Elite: Dangerous' Space Adventure Game Heads to PS4 in Late June

Facebook/EliteDangerousOfficial"Elite: Dangerous" is a 2014 space adventure simulation game released by Frontier Developments.

Frontier Developments has announced the PlayStation 4 (PS4) release date for "Elite: Dangerous." 

The space adventure simulation game is finally heading to PS4 consoles on June 27, according to Polygon.

A PS4 launch for "Elite: Dangerous" has been expected since its Kickstarter campaign was successfully completed in 2013. Frontier officially announced the project in December and assured fans that it would make "full use" of the features in the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Frontier is also offering a retail version of the game for Xbox One, PS4, and the PC next month.

Aside from its PS4 release, June 27 will mark the first "Elite: Dangerous" physical release for both the PC and Xbox One after being distributed digitally for months now. PS4 players can access the game, along with the Horizons Season Pass, individually or as part of a special bundle. Season Pass holders receive various perks, including in-game currency and several cosmetic upgrades.

Released in 2014, "Elite: Dangerous" is a massive space exploration simulation game that lets players navigate a universe made up of 400 billion star systems. In 2016, a player found aliens in the game for the first time since its release. The developer also released a special patch as tribute to the late "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher.

With the physical and digital editions for consoles and PCs now available, fans may be wondering if the game will head to PlayStation VR (PS VR) soon. Frontier revealed that having a PS VR version is included in its future plans.

"Elite Dangerous is a flagship VR game on PC so of course, VR is important to us. It's definitely something we're looking into, but we have nothing to announce for launch," the studio said.

Digital pre-order for "Elite: Dangerous" starts at $29.99, while the "Elite: Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition" costs $59.99. Additional details on pricing will be announced in the coming weeks.