Elizabeth Escalona Life Sentence? Mother Who Beat, Glued 2 Year Old's Hands to Wall to be Sentenced

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(Photo: Facebook/Elizabeth Escalona)Elizabeth Escalona and her daughter.

Elizabeth Escalona is facing a possible life sentence after gluing her 2 year old daughter's hands to a wall, in what has been alleged was just one example of the extreme punishments the little toddler was forced to endure in an incident last year.

The case has become infamous for the mother's actions of gluing her young daughter's hands to a wall, however, the two year old was allegedly forced to endure much worse punishments than that.

It has been claimed that Escalona also physically beat her daughter so badly that she suffered significant brain trauma and bleeding inside her skull.

The heartbreaking case has seen the 23 year old mother plead guilty to the charges against her, and she has admitted to severely injuring her child.

Following the mother's guilty plea on July 12, she is now scheduled to be sentenced on Monday, and it has been reported that she could face life imprison for her horrendous actions.

A state district judge is set to give his sentence ruling on Monday, and it is believed Escalona will be given a strong penalty.

A doctor who testified in the case reportedly revealed photos showing the horrific beatings the young two year old had to ensure at the hands of her own mother.

After a severe beating on Sept. 7, 2011 the toddler was left in a coma for two days, according to the Huff Post.

Police records in the case also reveal that the two year old's siblings also reported that their mother had repeatedly kicked the little girl in the stomach, as well as beating her with various objects. The beating concluded with the mother gluing the little girl's hands to a wall.

Prosecutors claim that Escalona's beatings were sparked because the little girl was having problems with her potty training.