Elizabeth Olsen in 'Silent House' Wows Critics

Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of "Full House" fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley, is getting rave reviews for her recent work on the horror film "Silent House."

The film, which is based on a 2010 foreign film, centers on a teen by the name of Sarah who arrives at her father's old lakeside house to help fix up the house because they are getting ready to sell it.

The house, like in any good horror movie, has no utilities or electricity. To increase the suspense of the plot there are several doors and windows that are locked.

Sarah is left alone in the house that she later realizes has trapped her from leaving because of the locked doors and windows. Then, right on cue, a series of terrifying and bad things begin to happen to her.

Olsen is now receiving a great deal of praise for her talents as an actress, which before were largely overlooked. Olsen spoke with The Inqusitr about her preparation for the film.

"You know, we did discuss a lot and, obviously I don't want to give away the ending but we did discuss a lot about what happens with trauma and people who hide it, and things like that," said the budding actress. "So that's just something that I needed to learn a little bit more about, to justify what happens in the end and understand it."

Olsen continued to explain that emotions she felt filming her had in her everyday life.

"When it comes to just being chased around the house and being scared for your life and trying to get out, I have a pretty fatalistic imagination and eventually, as we were filming it, it just became like this muscle. And I was actually very sensitive in my everyday life," she said.

"Silent House" opens today, but Olsen is already looking on to her next project. She begins work on "Kill Your Darlings," at the end of March.