Elizabeth Vargas Crush Admission: Harrison Ford Embarrassed

Being a famous actor did not prevent Harrison Ford from blushing Monday on "Good Morning America" after a news anchor admitted her crush.

Harrison Ford didn't appear to have an answer for Elizabeth Vargas after she admitted the he was one of her long time crushes. The actor appeared on "Good Morning America" Monday to promote his new movie "42."

"I have a confession to make," Vargas said while interviewing the actor one on one. "You were my first movie crush."

"Uh … oh," Ford responded appearing a little taken off guard. "Yah?"

"In the movie 'Witness' when you did that scene where you were dancing … there was an article that came out a few years ago where people were asked to rate the sexiest scene in a movie and I though 'that was pick,'" Vargas continued.

"Well … thank you very much," a wide mouthed Ford responded.

"Am I making you embarrassed?" Vargas asked.

Ford then shrugged his shoulders up, smiled, and admitted, "a little bit."

In his latest film, Ford plays the role of baseball executive Branch Rickey. The film recounts Jackie Robinson's rise to fame as the first African-American baseball player to make the major leagues. Ford's character helped to break the racial barrier that was instated back then by fighting to keep Robinson on the team.

"It's one of those stories that deserves a retelling and we had the opportunity. It may be something that kids are taught in school, it may be a footnote in history of civil rights and American history," Ford told USA Today. "But in a film, you have the opportunity to reach