Ellen Page, 'Juno' Actress, Says Video Game 'Ripped Off' Her Face (VIDEO)

Ellen Page, the actress known for her roles in "Juno" and "Inception," was participating in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit when questions arose about her involvement in the gaming industry. During the session she mentioned that "The Last of Us," a critically-acclaimed PS3 exclusive title, "ripped off" her likeness for one of the main characters.

Ellen Page said that Ellie, a 14-year-old girl gamers have to guide through dangerous territory, was modeled after her own likeness, and she didn't like it. Her response came to a question from user MozeoSLT, who asked if she would have "taken the role of Ellie if approached."

"I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not appreciated," she wrote back.

Although it's tough to judge a character within a video game the similarities between Ellie and Page are striking. Users pointed out that many assumed Page acted in the game because of how similar they looked.

"She even sounds like you," MozeoSLT wrote. "So much so that almost everyone assumed it was you playing the role." Dark_Knight_Reddits, another redditor, added that game designer Naughty Dog's first creation of Ellie looked "looked even more like" Page, and that they possibly changed the design because they discovered Page was in another game.

Page, who has a substantial following on Twitter, has been receiving undue praise for her acting in the game despite not being in it. It appears the confusion has reached the ears of creative director of "The Last of Us" Neil Druckman, who said that Ashley Johnson- formerly Chrissy Seaver on "Growing Pains"- was responsible for the character's face and voice in the game.

"Ellie from The Last of Us was played perfectly by @TheVulcanSalute," he said, referencing Johnson's Twitter handle. "No one could've done a better job. Please go follow her and retweet."

He also said previously that the changes to Ellie had to do with making the character resemble Johnson, not Page.

"After delving further into the game's narrative over the past few months, we decided to modify Ellie's model to better reflect Ashley's personality, and also resemble a slightly younger teen more fitting to the story," he told IGN.

To see the video game trailer for "The Last of Us," click below (WARNING: Graphic content, violence).