Emily Maynard Paying Jef Holm to Stay Engaged? New Report Surfaces

Is "Bachelorette" star Emily Maynard using part of her winnings to pay fiancée Jef Holm to stay engaged? According to Holm's ex-girlfriend, the two have a mutually beneficial, financial agreement to remain together, although those accusations have not been verified at all other than the ex's words.

"Jef said their relationship isn't what it seems. It's all basically for TV. He said, 'If I was happily engaged I never would have texted you,'" Holm's ex, Kaylee Shepherd, told Us Weekly.

The ex alleges that the arrangement guarantees that Holm will receive half of her salary, which comes to $150,000, to keep up appearances.

"It's not what it looks like," Holm allegedly told Shepherd after taking her to a hotel room. "I thought I was in love. I thought I had found The One, but things have changed," she explained.

The two did not get intimate after the meeting at the hotel, but allegedly, Shepherd has remained close to Holm and is helping him through the difficult situation. Holm also told Shepherd, according to her, that he had discovered text messages that proved Maynard was cheating.

"'Emily told him, 'I'm so sorry,' and he said, 'Well, we have two options: The first is that I can go to the media and tell them the truth and let everyone know what you're really like. Or two, I will deny the whole thing, and you give me half the money you made from 'The Bachelorette.' She picked option two," Shepherd has claimed.

Yet there is plenty of doubt surrounding Shepherd's allegations. The dates she told Us Weekly she was with, or in contact with, Holm, he was publicly tweeting about his adventures with Maynard and Ricki. Neither Holm nor Maynard has commented about the allegations, and it may be that they simply keep silent and ignore the bizarre allegations.

The one time they did come forward to address rumors was when they were made by Holm's brother. The family dynamic has remained strained between the two brothers, but Maynard and Holm are still very much planning for a Spring or Summer 2013 wedding, and showing no signs that the accusations are true.