Eminem and Dainty Group Rebuked for 'Atrocious' Sydney Show

Eminem has been criticized by fans for an “atrocious” show in Sydney, Australia after a series of technical problems hit his set, ruining the show for fans.

The problems were so bad that many fans have demanded money back for their expensive tickets as the sound quality was so appalling that they could not enjoy the concert.

Fans described the sound as “atrocious” at Sydney’s football stadium, and according to The Daily Telegraph in the U.K. one concertgoer said he “couldn’t hear a thing.”

Disgruntled fans started chanting “turn it up,” however, Eminem seemingly believed they had told him to “take it off” as he lifted up his shirt.

It has been reported that hundreds of fans have now demanded their money back from Eminem’s tour promoter “Dainty Group.”

Promoter Paul Dainty’s Facebook page was swamped with disgruntled messages from fans. Some concertgoers have even demanded to contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.