Eminem Facebook Likes Breaks 60 Million; Destroys Lady Gaga and Rihanna

Eminem has achieved 60 million Facebook Likes, making him the first person to reach the landmark.

The rapper has more Likes than any other person in the world; amazingly his 60 million Likes amount to 6.25 percent of all Facebook users around the world.

Lady Gaga, known as the queen of Twitter, was also one of the most Liked people on Twitter, but her 53 million Likes fall well short of Eminem's.

Eminem's Facebook fan page has experienced a massive surge in new Likes in recent weeks, which has driven the rapper well past Lady Gaga.

Rihanna is now a closer competitor to Eminem than Lady Gaga. In recent months she too has seen a massive surge in new Likes taking her easily past Gaga. Rihanna has 59 million fans, just a million behind the rap star.

On Twitter meanwhile Lady Gaga is still the queen, where she has more than 28 million followers. Eminen seems to focus more on Facebook, as his Twitter account only has 12 million followers, less than half of Lady Gaga's.

On Twitter the closest rivals to Lady Gaga are teen pop sensation Justin Bieber who has 25 million followers, and again Rihanna who has 23 million followers.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important to celebrities as marketing tools, and for connecting with their fans. It remains to be seen who will be the first to get to the 100 million Likes mark on Facebook.