Eminem Lip-Synched 'SNL' Performance? Rep Slams Rumors (VIDEO)

Eminem lip-synched his performance on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, according to critics. The rapper performed his second single, "Bezerk," on the sketch comedy show to some criticism, but his representative said that the rumors are not true.

Eminem's lip-synching allegations came mainly during the performance of his single via media outlets and other social media. The "Lose Yourself" rapper pulled the microphone away from his mouth several times, leading those watching to assume he wasn't saying anything at all.

"Em took the stage to perform his song 'Bezerk' and went borderline Milli Vanilli for four minutes," TMZ reported. "Ashlee Simpson infamously lip-synced on 'SNL' a few years ago and people ripped her to shreds. So, why should Em get a pass?"

"Twitter was full of commenters pointing out it sure looked like Eminem was lip-syncing, and whether he was or not, that's the real crime," Spin.com wrote. "Here's the guy who wins every rap Olympic gold medal, and he couldn't even convincingly appear to be swimming."

However, Mathers' publicist blasted the claims, saying he definitely rapped live on-air.

"He rhymed over a layered vocal with accent tracks to make it sound like the album," the rep told TheWrap in a statement.

Other defenders of the 40-year-old emcee said that the moments TMZ reported on was when samples were used, such as Beastie Boys and Billie Squier references— Eminem does a voice over on the album too, so it wouldn't be necessary to rap over the lyrics again in person.

Still, Eminem proved that he doesn't phone it in when it comes to performing live at the YouTube Music Awards the next day. The rapper blew through his notoriously lyrically difficult track "Rap God" at warp speed.

Eminem's latest album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, was released Tuesday.

To listen to Mathers' performances, click the videos above and below (WARNING: Adult language and themes).