Eminem New Album 2013: Kendrick Lamar to Collaborate on Track?

Rumors of Eminem's new album have been linked to a possible labor day release, and now there are talks of Kendrick Lamar being involved with the project.

The only link to Eminem's world has been through his producer, fellow D12 rapper and hype man, Mr. Porter, who occasionally will throw little hints out.

Eminem made a posting on his rarely updated Facebook page about hanging out with Lamar, and now in a recent interview, the young rapper talked about his time with Em.

"It was unexpected, I just went to Detroit and I had a show out there and I got a call saying, 'Em [wants you] to come to the studio, come to the studio fast ... That was me actually just meeting and greeting. I bumped heads with Eminem [in the past], but it was very brief, that was my first time really chopping it up with him, getting to ask all the questions I wanted to ask him," the 26-year-old said to MTV.

Lamar did not reveal if they did a track together, but instead spoke about meeting Eminem as a fan.

"He gave me straightforward answers and really just gave me the game on how to stay creative as possible ... He basically told me albums haven't been done like that in a long time from a new artist, and he can appreciate how I structured the whole thing," he said in the interview.

The legendary rapper left Lamar off with some wise words.

"Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in the other crazy stuff that comes around," he recounted.

As far as what Eminem's album could be called, recently an image of Eminem with the word Redemption underneath has spread on Twitter. The image is most likely fake, but the title and image align perfectly with his last two albums.

Redemption would complete the story he started telling on Relapse and then continued on Recovery.

"We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He's been working on it for some time. It's safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we're not exactly sure when. We've got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we're trying to see what else lines up," said Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg in a public statement back in February.

Eminem will be embarking on a small European tour with Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator starting on Aug. 15.

A new documentary film, "How to Make Money Selling Drugs," will also feature Eminem talking about his past as a drug abuser and how he beat it.

"My name is Marshall. I'm an addict," he says in Matthew Cooke's movie.