Eminem New Album 2013 Leak? No Chance, Says Rep, 'They Don't Do Digital'

Eminem's new album in 2013, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, will reportedly not leak before its Nov. 5 release date. The "No Love" rapper, his label Shady Records and manager Paul Rosenberg are taking extra precautions to make sure even the song list remains a secret until the album is out.

Eminem's new album in 2013 is being highly anticipated, with the first single "Bezerk" getting a music video that gained 25 million YouTube views in a few weeks. Although many fans are looking to buy the album, others want it to leak on the internet so they can illegally download it.

"Someone please leak MMLP 2 before I go mentally insane from anticipation," @SimplisticTalk tweeted.

"@Eminem leak just one more song from MMLP2," @duckandpebbles posted, adding to the plethora of voices searching for a free leak. However, a representative from Syndrome Studios, who distributes the rapper's music videos, said there's little chance the album will leak before the scheduled release date.

"I got a call from Paul Rosenberg, Em's manager," James Larese told Reuters. "He's like, 'Em's ready for the visual. I want to play you this song and then just vibe on it. They (Eminem's team) work so crazy. They don't do anything digital."

"So I went to a Staples parking lot, and I had to sit shotgun in one of the A&R's cars to listen to it," Larese continued. "I wrote down a couple notes and left- it was like a drug deal or something."

The lack of digital copies of the album should make it more challenging to steal, but other artists have been victims of leaks in the past. Rapper Drake's last album, Nothing Was The Same was leaked several days before its Sept. 24 release date.