Eminem New Album 2013: MMLP2 Cover Revealed to be Childhood Home in Throwback to MMLP (PHOTO)

Eminem revealed the cover for his next album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, on Friday, and the image is a throwback to not only his first album, but his life.

Eminem tweeted a picture of his boarded up childhood home on Twitter with the Eminem logo and album title in the top right corner. Around the house are tall weeds and the home appears to have been abandoned for awhile.

In the original Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem is sitting on the steps of the house and the photo is set in black and white.

The home is just south of 8 Mile Road, and is located on 19946 Dresden Street.

With Detroit's horrible economic state, the housing market has most homes at astonishingly low prices. Em's former home is up for auction by Michigan Land Bank, according to the Huffington Post. There is a minimum bid of $1, and the home is listed for $32, 675.

"In a case like this, if the property is blighted, or the whole neighborhood is blighted, it would be unusual to get a buyer,' said Kim Homan, executive director of the Michigan Land Bank according to Daily Mail. 'Nobody knew it was Eminem's home, either. But with the neighborhood being rough..."

Reports from Detroit Free Press have indicated that the rapper's mother, Debbie Nelson, bought the house in 1987 for $19,900.

Eminem recently released a music video for his new single "Berzerk" and featured in the video is a slew of celebrity guests such as Kendrick Lamar, Rick Rubin, Slaughterhouse, and Kid Rock.

"Berzerk" off of the forthcoming Marshall Mathers LP II is to be released on Nov. 5, is a throwback tune to classic hip-hop from the '80s reminiscent of the Beastie Boys. The attitude, the feel, the beat, and now even the video pays homage to the golden era of rap and kind of marks an unfamiliar musically, but well known territory for the rapper.