Eminem New Album Release Date 2013 Remains A Mystery, Rapper Big Sean Gives Hints (VIDEO PREVIEW)

Although Eminem's new album 2013 release date remains a secret, the well-known rapper rencently performed as a duo with rapper Big Sean, who has a new record entitled "Hall of Fame" set to be released Aug. 27.

Big Sean, who hails from the same Midwestern town of Detroit as Eminem, said in a recent interview with Power 105.1 that he enjoyed working with Eminem on a song that may appear on his upcoming album, which will also include other collaborations with well-known Detroit rappers.

"There's gonna be a Big Sean-Eminem song. I don't know if it's gonna be on my album, it might be for something that we got planned later on," Big Sean said.

"He's a true OG. I don't know if there's any misconceptions about Eminem, but that dude's real polite, real nice," Big Sean added.

Big Sean went on to express how encouraging it was to hear that Eminem enjoyed his new album.

"I ended up playing my whole album, front-to-back, straight through, and he said, 'I haven't been this impressed in so long with someone's album, I knew you could rap,' he was like, 'you're really going to do something big with this.' So that was just an honor, coming from the D, that was the person that showed us that it was real, showed us you can be the biggest in the world from where we from," Big Sean added.

Although there is high anticipation for Big Sean's album, there seems to be even more excitement for Eminem's eighth studio album, which is reportedly expected to be released sometime in early fall, although the exact date is not certain.

The well-known rapper, who became internationally famous with his second record The Slim Shady LP, will reportedly be previewing his new album's songs during his tour dates this August, which include visits to Ireland, Glasgow, and Leeds.

The Detroit native has also recently released one song off the new album, "Symphony in H," which is available on iTunes.

Although the rapper's new record remains highly mysterious, well-known music producer, known simply as Mr. Porter, tweeted that in regards to the new album, he "[had] not heard anything like it."