Eminem Releases Teaser for 'The Monster' Music Video, Features Dr. Rihanna

Eminem has released a short trailer for the music video "The Monster" off his latest album The Marshal Mathers LP 2.

The clip is around one minute long and shows the rapper along with singer Rihanna in a doctor/patient setting. Eminem is watching a video that displays some of his previous work including the film "8 Mile" along with clips of him and his family in the news. Rihanna seems to be playing the role of doctor examining the rapper who is "friends with The Monster."

Another interesting part of the teaser features what appear to be soldiers gathered around a rattling cage that could be holding this monster the two artists speak of in the record.

To watch the teaser in its entirety click here. The full video should be released soon. 

The Christian Post had the opportunity to speak with singer Bebe Rexha who co-wrote "The Monster" along with producer Frequency back in Nov.

"It sounds incredible," Rexha told The Christian Post in reaction to hearing the final version. "I was so excited when I heard it, especially when I listen to it on the radio it sounds so huge. It played around 10 times the other day. I'm so happy with it."

Rexha, together with producer Frequency created the original version last winter.

"We had written the song, it was called 'Monsters Under Our Bed' originally, and Frequency played it for Shady records A&R Riggs Morales," she said. Riggs heard it and sent it to Eminem. "It didn't really go through Interscope. It was actually just artist to artist. Riggs heard my original version and said he wanted to pull the verses off because he thought it would be incredible for Eminem's [upcoming] project."

They originally left Rexha performing on the chorus of "The Monster," but ended up replacing her with Rihanna. Her background vocals can still be heard in the final version.