Eminem's 'The Monster' Writer Bebe Rexha Talks Penning Rihanna Vocals, Dance Hit 'Take Me Home'

Eminem's latest single "The Monster" off his upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 dropped earlier this week and features pop star Rihanna.

The record packs all the elements needed for a radio smash and was originally crafted by producer Frequency and singer Bebe Rexha, who penned Rihanna's vocals.

Rexha recently spoke with The Christian Post regarding the "The Monster."

"It sounds incredible," Rexha told The Christian Post in reaction to hearing the final version. "I was so excited when I heard it, especially when I listen to it on the radio it sounds so huge. It played around 10 times the other day. I'm so happy with it."

Rexha, together with producer Frequency created the original version last winter, according to the singer.

"We had written the song, it was called 'Monsters Under Our Bed' originally, and Frequency played it for Shady records A&R Riggs Morales," she said. Riggs heard it and sent it to Eminem. "It didn't really go through Interscope. It was actually just artist to artist. Riggs heard my original version and said he wanted to pull the verses off because he thought it would be incredible for Eminem's [upcoming] project."

They originally left Rexha performing on the chorus of "The Monster," but ended up replacing her with Rihanna. Her background vocals can still be heard in the final version.

Rexha feels that Eminem stayed true to the original concept of the record.

"I think he kind of speaks about the monsters inside of him," she said. "When the hook comes in it just discusses how [us as people] could be crazy. He really brought it together. When I heard it I was blown away."

Rexha is signed to Warner Bros. and also recently released the EDM smash "Take Me Home" together with DJ Cash Cash. The song currently occupies the slot for no. 1 dance radio single in America. She is also working on her debut album and describes her music as alternative indie pop.

"I think the most important thing about my music is what I'm saying and my voice. I'm very honest with all the songs on my record," she said. "Where 'The Monster' came from and what my music really reflects [is real life experience]. I went through a really tough time where I thought I was losing control so a lot of my songs are about me questioning who I am, self-acceptance and being an insecure person."

Rexha describes her lyrical content as honest and believes that rawness will tie her album together and be something she will be known for. She even goes as far as embarrassing herself on records, but feels that fans will appreciate her transparency.

At the moment, Rexha's enjoying the success of "Take Me Home" which is crossing over into Top 40 radio. She's embarking on a few different radio tours and will release several music videos sporadically over the next few months.

"The Monster" and "Take Me Home" are currently available on iTunes.