Emma Stone's New Puppy Makes Waves

Emma Stone has welcomed a new member to her family, according to reports on Friday.

"The Help" star and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield adopted a new dog from a Los Angeles dog shelter, according to People magazine.

The "Spiderman" co-stars visited the Spot! Dog Rescue just days before Christmas in order to meet puppies.

Stone and Garfield brought a golden retriever home as a foster pet for a few days, but eventually decided to adopt the dog.

"[Emma's new puppy] was one of the dogs they first saw, but they weren't sure," a source close to the situation told People. "They left and they couldn't stop thinking about her. And it's true love … She won the doggie lottery."

The insider added that the canine is a "typical golden puppy."

"Very, very sweet and loving," said the source. "They totally fell in love with her."

While additional details about the dog are scarce, Contact Music indicated that the pup is two years old.

Garfield has already been spotted walking the dog, which the couple has reportedly received the name Ren.

The pet will join Garfield and Stone in their recently purchased Beverly Hills, Calif. home. Also, the dog will have a playmate- Stone already has a small dog.

Despite buying a home and sharing a pet together, Stone and Garfield are allegedly focused on their careers.

"There's no rush to get engaged," said a second source speaking to People magazine. "They are both young and ambitious."

Stone will appear in next year's "Gangster Squad," alongside Ryan Gosling. The film hits theaters Jan. 11.

Deemed one of America's sweethearts, the 22-year-old actress grew to fame after her hit movie "Easy A." Stone also had lead roles in "Friends With Benefits" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" last year.

 Next year, Stone and Garfield will reprise their roles in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," scheduled for release in 2014.