Emma Watson Stopped in NY: Asked by Immigration 'Where Are Your Parents?' (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters)Honoree Emma Watson arrives at the 19th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood dinner in Beverly Hills, Callifornia October 15, 2012.

Emma Watson has been stopped at Kennedy Airport in New York by U.S. immigration officials who believed she was an "unaccompanied minor."

The 22 year old Harry Potter actress has revealed the embarrassing incident, which took place over Christmas, in a series of posts on her Twitter account.

Watson was willing to laugh at the incident though, tweeting: "The really sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened."

The young actress explained that officials had asked her where her parent or guardian was as she attempted to navigate through passport control.

She tweeted: "Passport control: 'Unaccompanied minor?' Me: 'Sorry?'"

"Passport control: 'Where is ur (your) guardian?' Me: 'I'm 22!!!!!!'"

Watson revealed that she had learned an important lesson in not coming across as too young: "Never wearing a backpack again."

Towards the end of last year Watson was named in a number of rumors connecting her to the cast of the upcoming movie for "50 Shades of Grey." However, she spoke out denying she was to be cast in the film, saying: "I haven't read the book, I haven't a read a script, nothing," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The actress added, "There are so many movies you become attached to when I've literally never even received a phone call. It was the same way with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – I never even saw a script!"

She also said, "I told my family just because there are 60 articles on the Internet doesn't mean it's any less true than if there are three or four."

Despite her young looks, Watson was named the world's best dressed woman of 2011 by Glamour Magazine. However, Watson expressed her surprise at the accolade, saying that she actually was quite boring.

She has said, "My problem is that I am a little bit boring. I don't wear designer bags or big sunglasses. When I don't have to play Emma Watson in public, I'd rather not put myself 'out there'."

"I have to be more careful with my look in my everyday life. I have [Harry Potter character] Hermione to thank, in a weird way, for my sense of style. Playing this role, fashion was my way of expressing myself away from that school uniform," she said.

"When I got the chance to dress myself, I was so thrilled to be able to be Emma and show a different side of myself."

Here is a video report on Emma Watson's incident at JFK airport: