Emmy Awards 2011 Winners: Hit or Miss?

Hosted and produced by Emmy award winners, the 63rd annual prime-time Emmy Awards ceremony had a mostly weak response.

Jane Lynch of “Glee” served as host and opened the show with a comedic song, during which a few nominees were introduced. The catchy lyrical number which lasted a bit too long according to some critics and Twitter users revealed mixed reactions.

Mark wrote on Twitter: “Unimpressed with the Emmys last night. Didn’t love Jane Lynch as the host.”

“I’m as sick of Jane Lynch right now as I was of Betty White last year. #Emmys,” wrote Jeremy.

In contrast, Twitter user Doug praised Lynch, writing, “Really enjoyed the Emmys this year. Jane Lynch did a great job presenting.”

Suzanne wrote, “We think Jane Lynch was the perfect Emmys host!”

The show was produced by reality television director Mark Burnett, who has received four Emmys in past years.

The main winners of the evening met many people’s expectations. With “Modern Family” stealing five Emmys, including both Outstanding Actor awards as well as Outstanding Comedy Series, the award winners failed to deliver any surprises.

During the show, Lynch quipped, “Welcome back to the ‘Modern Family’ awards show,” about the series’ numerous wins.

“Modern Family swept the Emmys. I love that show,” said Amit on Twitter.

Noah tweeted, “Modern Family deserves all the Emmys they won! Best comedy!”

Also in line with winner predictions, “Mad Men” earned Outstanding Dramatic Series, and “Downton Abbey” took home the Outstanding Miniseries award.

Rob highlighted that the win for “Mad Men” was the fourth consecutive, and wrote, “Congrats to Mad Men on your entry to the 4 for 4 club. Welcome.”

“Man Men, big surprise. Such an overrated show. Should have been @GameofThrones,” wrote Twitter user Matthew.

About the PBS series winning, Hadley wrote, “Downton Abbey won! Britain, if only you were awake YOU WOULD BE CHEERING SO MUCH!”

“Saturday Night Live” comedian Seth Meyers jibed, “If we learned anything at last night’s Emmy it was that it’s DownTON Abbey and not DownTOWN Abbey.”