'Empire' Season 2 News: Kaitlin Doubleday on Her Dramatic Fall

Twitter/EmpireFOXEmpire season 2B returns on March 30, 2016.

After the shocking turn of events on the hit series "Empire," fans have been waiting to know about who was responsible for Rhonda Lyon's fall.

Previous episodes of the FOX series showed Rhonda Lyon, played by Kaitlin Doubleday, falling down the stairs in her own home. However, there was no explanation as to why or how she fell. It was reported that the upcoming episode will finally reveal who attacked Rhonda.

Meanwhile, Doubleday was able to speak to The New York Post about her sentiments on the dramatic scene. She explained that when she saw the script, she immediately became worried about the fate of Rhonda. In addition, she was nervous as to whether she was going to lose her baby, which will certainly break the hearts of many characters.

It seems as though Doubleday was right about the baby's fate, as it was revealed that she lost the baby. However, fans can expect to see more of Rhonda since she was able to survive the fall.

Unfortunately, not all will be well even though she survived the attack. Doubleday explained that not everyone will believe that she was actually pushed off the stairs. She said, "André is not on board with her belief that she was pushed. So she's alone and everyone thinks she's nuts. If I remember, she tries to confront her [assailant], but it doesn't go as planned. There will be a confrontation fans can look forward to."

While fans still do not know who pushed her, they were able to get a hint when the scene showed a woman leaving the house right after she was pushed. The attacker was seen wearing a pair of high heels, which Rhonda will recognize, according to Doubleday.

The actress also commended her stunt double for the scene, Anita Hart. She said, "She deserves a shout-out. She literally put pads on and threw herself down the staircase. Three times. All of our stomachs were in our throats."
"Empire" Season 2 airs on FOX every Wednesday night.