'Entourage' Movie: Mark Wahlberg Explains 4-Year Break Since Series Finale

The Entourage movie finally got a release date for June 12, 2015, and despite the long delay, the show's creator Mark Wahberg feels great about releasing the movie.

IGN.com recently spoke with the actor who stated that it took some effort to get the movie off the ground since the series went off the air in 2011. His goal as a creator was to "make it feel like a film and not a long Entourage episode."

"We had a really cool idea and people always complained that the episodes were too short," he said. "When you see it, it will seem like a thing that was pretty obvious and easy, but it was a thing that took people a long time to get their heads wrapped around. I think that the amount of time that we waited is actually pretty good for the movie and the audience."

The Entourage movie will pick up from where the HBO original series left off. The entire cast that includes Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase, Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy, Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold, Kevin Dillon as Johnny "Drama" Chase, and Jerry Ferrara as Turtle will all return for the new motion picture.

The film will also feature appearances from other Hollywood stars including Liam Neeson, Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment.

Emily Ratajkowski, the model who appeared in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video, will have a role in the film where she plays herself. That news broke earlier this week.

The "Entourage" HBO series began airing in 2004 and concluded after eight seasons in 2011. The storyline ended with the show's main character Vince getting married to a reporter named Sofia. His agent Ari and best friend Eric both quit their jobs to focus more on their significant others. During the post credits Ari and his wife are resting on the Amalfi Coast when he gets a call where John Ellis offers him a position to be chairman and CEO of Time Warner. The film will pick up from there.