Eric Decker Wedding: Married Girlfriend Jessie James (PHOTO)

Eric Decker and his girlfriend Jessie James tied the knot on Saturday during a ceremony that is to be featured on E! later this summer.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver and his country music star wife announced their engagement on April 1, 2012, but finally wed on June 22 this year.

"We are so blessed to have found each other and to have supporters like you all," James posted to Twitter at the time.

James also took to social media with several snapshots taken from the lavish ceremony in Castle Rock, Colorado.

"My dream come true," read one caption on the 25-year-old's Instagram account.

Another post read, "I love this man!!!! We are married!!!!"

The wedding ceremony arrived two years after James had sung the national anthem at a Broncos game in 2011.

"I just wanna say thank y'all so much for all the sweet tweets! It was a dream come true and we are so happy," James added to Twitter following her wedding.

James was introduced to Decker through a friend and the pair started dating after striking up a relationship over the phone, according to USA Today.

Fans of the couple can tune into the television special entitled "Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric and Jessie" in late summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As for life ahead of their wedding, James revealed a glimpse of what their relationship was like while they were still engaged.

"Eric and I love to just sit around the house; we make food, drink coffee, we're working on a puzzle or we play pool together," said the singer speaking to the Denver Post. "We have very little time together, so we like to do the most simple things like lounging around the house."

Meanwhile, James, a country music rising star, is best known for her song "I Look So Good (Without You), which is found on her self-titled debut album.

The Italian-born, Southern-raised singer addressed her career in a recent interview.

"I came out when I was 19," said James, according to the New York Post. "I've learned so much, this is a different version of me: a more mature version."