Eric Justin Toth, Child Pornographer, Replaces bin Laden on FBI's Most Wanted List

Eric Justin Toth, alleged child pornographer, has replaced Osama bin Laden at the top of the FBI's Ten Most-Wanted Fugitives List.

Eric Justin Toth, 30, also goes by the aliases Eric J. Toth and David Bussone, and allegedly engaged in the possession of child pornography during his time as a third grade teacher at National Cathedral's Beauvoir private school in Washington, D.C. In June of 2008, another educator discovered graphic photos on a camera that had been lent to Toth; he had allegedly installed it in the bathroom adjacent to his classroom, according to the FBI.

After the pictures were discovered, Toth was escorted from campus, and immediately went on the run. First, he drove to his parents house in Indianapolis, Indiana for a visit- although then, only a day after the pictures were discovered, they did not know he was fleeing the law.

"America's Most Wanted" reported that Toth fled to Madison, Wis., where he purchased supplies like a GPS navigation system, presumably to help him avoid the authorities.

Later that year, in August, his car was discovered in a garage at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with more child pornography pictures and a suicide note, according to officials. A search for Toth's body revealed nothing, and the FBI could not determine whether he had left the country.

In 2009, a tipster reported seeing Toth living in a homeless shelter in Phoenix, Arizona.

Toth, at 6'3" and weighing only 155 lbs., seems unassuming, but the FBI has made it clear that his "ability to integrate into various socio-economic classes" and "[expertise] at social engineering" make him a danger, especially to children. Although he is not as dangerous as the terrorist he replaced, Toth is still a real threat, said FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jacqueline Maguire.

"There is no comparison to be made between Toth and bin Laden," she told CNN. "Although Eric toth has not murdered anyone and he is not an international terrorist, that does not mean he isn't dangerous."

The 2-minute spot on "America's Most Wanted" and his addition to the FBI's Top Ten Most-Wanted Fugitives List could help prevent Toth gaining access to other children, which is the goal.

"We are very concerned that he may be in contact with other children, so we are asking for the public's assistance to help us capture him," Maguire added.

Toth advertises himself as blogger, tutor, and sometimes a male nanny. A reward of $100,000 has been offered for information that leads to his arrest. More details can be found on the FBI website.