Sunday, April 13, 2014
Erica Campbell and Husband Waryn Campbell Leading a Church

Erica Campbell and Husband Waryn Campbell Leading a Church

Erica Campbell may have the number one gospel album in the country, but she is also adding Church Leader to her resume with The California Worship Center.

Erica and her husband Warryn Campbell III have decided to become church leaders after hosting Bible studies in hotel rooms.

Warryn, the My Block Records CEO, who has produced music for his wife and her sister Tina in their group Mary Mary for years, has inspired a direction for the church.

"Warryn is real serious about ministry and wants to make sure that, above all, it is God-centered," she said on The Yolanda Adams Morning Show, according to EEW Magazine.

"We kind of take the approach of [reaching out to] the broken, wounded people who have kind of been jaded by church and don't want to go no more."

Although Erica acknowledges that she is a busy woman, she is not going to turn away the call to ministry.

"He'll give us the grace to do it, the timing and the space, and all that kind of stuff," she said on The Yolanda Adams Morning Show. "We'll come to it. I dare not say no."

Erica Campbell released her debut solo album, "Help" on March 25, 2014. | (Photograph: WE tv)

Erica, who also appears with her sister Tina on the hit WE tv show "Mary Mary" spoke to The Christian Post about how her family was called to ministry when she was young.

"My family was kind of called to ministry before the t.v. show," she told The Christian Post. "Even with my parents we were always out front for something. We had to know and hear and understand at a young age."

Still, she expressed the importance of reaching those who are unchurched namely with her new album "Help."

"I am really hoping it reaches the unchurched people. I'm so grateful for the believers who support and listen but I'm so excited for the people who are learning about Jesus through my music," Erica told CP. "Wanting to know who he is because of my music. That is just such a huge blessing."


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