Erin Andrews Death Threats: 'I Will Kill You,' Tweets 'Terrorist'

'Why Twitter Needs Policing,' Broadcaster Retorts

Fox Sport's host Erin Andrews has responded after receiving a number of graphic death threats on Twitter.

Andrews, 34, is currently the host for Fox College Football. She began working for the company in 2000, just after graduation, and began work with ESPN in 2004. On Tuesday, she boasted on her Twitter account that she "loved" her job, although as of late, it has brought her some negative attention.

On the same day, the sports host complained that Twitter needed tighter regulations after she received a number of death threats by a user who goes by the name Hyun K Chung.

"You annoy me one more time and I will let people know who you are and your genetic issue that you got from your parents," one threat read.

In a second threat, the user tagged himself or herself as a "terrorist."

"You are too stupid to mess with me. Why don't you practice to smile with your folded face if you have time. #terrorist," another bizarre threat read.

Three of the tweets were made on the same day, Oct. 16. The last tweet that day explicitly threatened Andrews' life, claiming that he or she would "kill" her.

Andrews did not appear to respond to any of them until Tuesday, when she received yet another threat from the same user.

In addition to calling Andrews a "psycho b----" the user also became more graphic, stating: "You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing in this planet," to which Andrews responded by retweeting the message and adding, "Why twitter needs policing."

"You do not tweet me anymore before I will kill you," the user responded.

Other Twitters users retaliated against Hyun K Chung's threats and also cautioned Andrews to contact police. No police involvement has been made public as of yet, though.