Erin Moran in Trailer Park After 'Happy Days' Go Sour (VIDEO)

Erin Moran, who once played Joanie Cunningham on the 1970s show "Happy Days," has apparently been facing some pretty unhappy times.

"Happy Days" was first aired in 1974 and had a successful 10-year run on ABC before being pulled off the air. The show depicted a picturesque vision of the 1950s and '60s and was, at one time, a popular primetime success.

Moran played Joanie, the kid sister of one of the main characters Richard Cunningham, played by Ron Howard. Beginning as a pesky pre-teen at the start of the show, Joanie develops in to a well-liked young lady later on and marries another lead character in the season finale.

After the show's conclusion, however, it appears that Moran had everything but happy days. The star was evicted from her house and forced to move into a trailer after facing difficult times, according to Radar Online.

The star now shares a trailer with husband Steve Fleischmann and his elderly mother at the Berkshire Pointe Mobile Home Park in New Salisbury, Indiana. Moran has failed to secure an acting gig for over a year.

"Life hasn't been kind to Erin since the foreclosure of her home," a family friend told The Enquirer. "She and Steve moved in with his ailing mother at the trailer park a few weeks back. Erin is like an angel to her mother-in-law. She cooks and cleans for her and takes care of her personal hygiene. But to look at Erin today you'd never know she was once one of TV's biggest stars. Her peaches-and-cream complexion is a maze of wrinkles and crow's feet. She's aged terribly."

The source added that it was likely her fading good looks that had made it so difficult to find a new acting role.

"It's been a rough few years for Erin and Steve," the insider said. "He's trying to make ends meet by working at Walmart, and all Erin can do is try and get back to work. But with her fading looks, that doesn't seem hopeful. For now, personal appearances are her bread and butter."