Ernestine Shepherd Body Building Record, 74-Year-Old Grandma Not Afraid to Die (PHOTOS)

Ernestine Shepherd broke the Guinness World Record, earning the title of World's Oldest Competitive body builder.

The 74 year-old grandmother- with a six pack that not even half of the 20-somethings can boast of-continues to compete despite her age. Her husband of 54 years has said he can't keep up, and "has trouble keeping guys away from her."

Residents of Baltimore, Md., the couple lives together alongside their grandson, who is 14 years old.

"Age is nothing but a number," Shepherd told The Washington Post, revealing that she also does some modeling and teaches fitness classes. "If you are going to try to motivate people, you have to live that part."

Shepherd has a rigorous routine. She's up by 3 a.m. and by lunch, she has already completed her 10-mile run. In addition, she trains with Yohnnie Shambourger, 57, a former Mr. Universe who keeps her motivated to continue.

"You are a champion," Shambourger tells Shepherd. "I will train you like what you are." According to him, Shepherd's six-pack is her trademark factor and an instant way to earn respect.

When it comes to sweets and other delectable treats, Shepherd isn't fazed. She has said that she has no interest nibbling on treats and instead sticks to a strict diet of plain brown rice, chicken breasts, and mixed vegetables three times a day. She washes her meals down with a quick glass of raw eggs.

Shepherd didn't even begin her training routine until she was 56 years old and had become aware of the fact that her body was beginning to sag. Now she tells others "you can do it too."

When questioned about whether her body is still capable of handling the rigorous routine, Shepherd has said the she isn't afraid of dying.

"We are all going to die," she told the Post. "But it's the quality of life while I'm living."