Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal Erases Parker

Eva Longoria has decided to remove all traces of her ex-husband Tony Parker, and part of that means removing her “nine” tattoo.

Longoria’s marriage ended following a hurtful scandal involving her husband being unfaithful to her. According to TMZ, she recently went to see if the “nine” tattoo on the back of her neck could now be removed.

Reportedly she had already tried to get the tattoo removed by laser treatment, but the procedure was not entirely successful.

The actress got the tattoo as a symbol of her ex-husband - whom she filed for divorce from in November 2010. The number “Nine” is the number on his shirt when he plays with NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs.

TMZ has reported, “We've learned she went to Dr. Tattoff - the famous tattoo removal guy – Wednesday to get all traces of the tat removed.”